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Established in June 2019, Right Turn Ranch is a small, community-based boarding facility. With around eight pasture spots and six pens, RTR will never be crowded or too busy. The owner, Diane Carty, is committed to quality care, attention to detail, safety for both horses and their humans, and constant improvement of the facility.


Arena: 250x120

Round Pen

Community Tack Room

Tie Rail / Wash Rack

Refrigerator & Microwave

Pasture Board

RTR has one small herd and two partially irrigated pastures. The herd is rotated between the pastures so the fields have a chance to rest and grow.  The pastures are approximately 3 and 4 acres, so six to eight horses get enough grazing but not so much that laminitis/founder is a concern for most healthy horses. Pastured horses are fed good quality, late-season grass/alfalfa hay twice daily during winter.



All pens have 12x12 shelters. Penned horses are fed twice daily and the pens are cleaned every day. Good quality alfalfa and grass hay are available per the owner's preference.

A turnout area is available.

All water tanks are kept clean and are heated during the winter.

  • Turnout

  • Longeing

  • Blanketing

  • Grooming (Body Brush, Fly Spray, Pick Hooves)

  • Bathing (Shampoo Body, Mane/Tail; Condition & Comb Mane/Tail)

  • Grain/Supplements


  • Deworming / Vaccines – All horses are required to be wormed regularly and up-to-date on vaccines. STABLE will arrange for periodic worming/shots clinics with a licensed veterinarian. No charge to owner for catching/holding horse(s) for deworming/shots. OWNER is responsible for all veterinarian charges. 

  • Catching and/or Holding For Vet or Hoof Care

Contact RTR for

pricing and details

Come visit and see how Right Turn Ranch can meet your needs!

Call 208-629-9270

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